Voz de Guanacaste

Accountability and Solutions Journalism

The Voz de Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s first nonprofit newspaper, has a strong focus on environmental and social issues, and on the operation of local governments in Guanacaste.  The philosophy of the Voz is to to pioneer “community based journalism” in Costa Rica, where community members participate directly in reporting on issues of importance to their communities. The Voz de Guanacaste also seeks to have a strong impact by undertaking in-depth investigative reporting on issues of importance to Guanacaste, a first for a regionally-focused newspaper in Costa Rica.  All of its content is published in Spanish and English

The Voz de Guanacaste was founded as a newsletter in Nosara, but with the support primarily of Buzzfeed Founder John Johnson and his wife Susan, who are investors and frequent visitors to Nosara, has grown to become a regularly published newspaper with a  high and uniform level of quality.



Contact Information


Emiliana García, Editor in Chief  emiliana@vozdeguanacaste.com

Tel. 2685 4843