Conservation and Production

UNAFOR Chorotega is the Guanacaste Chapter of the National Agroforestry Union, which aggregates grassroots farmer and agroforestry associations throughout the country, and is also affiliated with the Ibero-American Model Forest Network.  UNAFOR Chorotega is based in the community of Hojancha, which has been a leader in Guanacaste in the areas of reforestation, conservation and sustainable agriculture. In its work, UNAFOR Chorotega coordinates with a wide range of local, national and international organizations, both public and private.

UNAFOR Chorotega has been a very active partner of the Guanacaste Community Fund, which has provided support for several projects. These included a matching grant with CRUSA Foundation Funds to strengthen the organization, and another to support wildfire brigades. With funds from the Harmony Donor Advised Fund, the GCF has also supported the UNAFOR’s work with the Municipality of Hojancha to develop a community botanical garden.

UNAFOR is also an active participant in the Rio Nosara Biological Corridor Project, particularly in the area of sustainable production.


Contact Information

Eloy Mendez, Director