Solar Schools

A Solar Club in Guanacaste

The GCF is coordinating a team effort to place solar panels on public elementary and high schools throughout Guanacaste. The project, linked to the Ministry of Education’s Blue Flag Program, will not only provide the schools with cheap electricity, they will also help teach children about renewable energy, environmental conservation and climate change, all very important topics for the future of Guanacaste.

Each participating school will form a Solar Club, where interested students will help maintain the panels, help build solar cookers and water heaters, receive talks on energy and conservation, and go on field trips to visit renewable energy plants and National Parks.

A pilot project is operating at the Techical-Professional High School (CTP) in Sardinal de Carillo and the project will soon be implemented at the University of Costa Rica – affiliated Schintific High School in Libera and the CTP of Cañas.

Besides the Ministry of Education, the organizations participating in the project are Asociación Creciendo Juntos, ASI Power, Inc. and Fundación Sol de Vida, as well as the two electrical utilities present in Guancaste, ICE and Coopeguanacaste. The CRUSA Foundation and the GCF are providing initial funding. The GCF is looking for companies, civic associations and individuals to sponsor Solar Schools in their areas.


Contact Information

Geraldine Carmona