Río Nosara Biological Corridor

Water and Biodiversity

The Río Nosara Biological Corridor initiative is a project involving a number of local nonprofits, government agencies, community associations and businesses to conserve and regenerate natural forest and protect biodiversity along the Río Nosara, from its source in the Monte Alto Natural Reserve in Hojancha to its mouth at the Ostional National Wildlife Refuge.  The project also seeks to protect sources of water and prevent erosion throughout the watershed.

The Project includes four principal areas of activity:

The GCF played an active role in the development of the initiative, and is participating on the local commission which coordinates the project´s activities.  The GCF’s Harmony Fund provided seed funding to develop the project and hire a coordinator.

To date, the Corridor project has received official recognition by the country’s Conservation Areas System, and helped found the Liga Comunal del Agua, a federation of ASADAS in the cantons of Nicoya, Hojancha and Nandanyure.



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