Nosara Civic Association

Keeping Nosara Green

Born many years ago as the Homeowner’s Association of the “American Project” at Guiones Beach in remote Nosara, the NCA has long played an important role in meeting basic needs for residents of the Project and local communities alike.  More recently, as tourism in Nosara has boomed, the NCA has taken a more active stance in implementing environmental initiatives and advocating a land use plan for the community.

With support from the Harmony Fund of the GCF, the NCA has developed and maintained a series of trails for bikers and hikers through the extensive network of reserves owned by the association.  With Harmony funds, the NCA is also supporting the coordination of the Rio Nosara Biological Corridor project.  As part of the Rio Nosara Initiative, the environmental organization Costa Verdes, with a small grant from the GCF, will work with the NCA and landowners to create mini-corridors between the NCA’s reserves and the larger biological corridor.  The NCA is also providing administrative support to Guardianes de la Naturaleza, an environmental education initiative for the public schools in the Rio Nosara Biological Corridor



Nice Alterman, President