Nicoyagua Foundation

Protecting Water Resources

The Nicoyagua Foundation is a Nicoya-based organization that works to protect water resources in Nicoya, Hojancha and surrounding areas. Nicoyagua was founded by representatives of local and national governmental agencies who saw the need for private action to complement their efforts. Today Nicoyagua not only includes these founding representatives, but also community members from many walks of life. Its primary concern is to protect critical water sources and watersheds through conserving lands, restoration of natural habitats and education.

The Guanacaste Community Fund has supported Nicoyagua with matching funds to implement a project to work with landowners in the watersheds of the Quiriman and Potrero rivers to create living fences with Jatropha, or Tempate, trees. The project is designed to increase tree cover, prevent erosion, and provide landowners with an alternative source of income from the seeds of the trees, which produce a valuable oil that can be used for biofuel, as a natural pesticide, as a dye and for medicinal purposes.

The Nicoyagua Foundation is also an active partner in the Rio Nosara Biological Corridor and in the efforts of the GCF and the Harmony Donor Advised Fund to support ASADAS (rural water management associations) in the watershed of the Rio Nosara and its principal tributary, the Rio Quirimán.

Contact Information

Xinia Campos, Director