Esperanza School Project


After a devastating earthquake in 2012 damaged the school in Esperanza, Nosara, a group of concerned community members decided to launch an initiative to build a new one. The Esperanza School Project (ESP) was created in 2015 to raise funds to purchase land and build and maintain a new school for the children of Esperanza.

The ESP was founded after a benefit concert and fundraiser at the Bodhi Tree Yoga Resort in Nosara in March 2015 yielded $12,000 for the initiative. In July 2015, a crowdfunding platform was launched after Nosara resident Shivanter Singh organized a Be the Vision Conference at the Omega Institute in New York. Be the Vision 2016 will be held in June.

In September 2015, rendering drawings were presented to propel the design and building of the new school.

The Guanacaste Community Fund is accepting tax deductible donations for the campaign in both the U.S. and Costa Rica.


Contact Information

Program Manager:
Esperanza Integral Development Association
Campaign Managers:
Stacy Seebart
Shivanter Singh
Ethel “Kuki” Araya
Steve Mack