David S. Kitson Library

Bringing the World to Nosara

The David S. Kitson Memorial Library was built and donated to the Nosara community by Beverly Kitson, her family and many donations from supporters. Before it was established, there was no place for the community to find books and for children to do research.

Children and high school students now use the library and computer lab for research, homework and projects. Community members may also use the internet, attend and teach arts and crafts classes, receive English lessons, and work towards obtaining a high school decree, among other things. The library was founded more than 15 years ago in a classroom in the local school, but has since moved to a new, more comfortable building that houses a collection of over 12,000 books, a meeting room and a computer center.

The Library has worked closely with the GCF on several projects. Most importantly, the GCF authorized a matching grant for the library to hire an assistant director, purchase Kindles for the use of the reading clubs, and improve security.  As one of the oldest and strongest of the community nonprofits in the Nosara area, the Kitson Library has also helped other newer organizations implement projects funded by the GCF by administering grant money.


Contact Information

Beverly Kitson, Director