Creciendo Juntos

Children’s Education and Health

Creciendo Juntos (Growing Together), is a nonprofit organization that has worked for over twelve years supporting the elementary and high schools in the northern region of the Nicoya Peninsula.  It was founded as the social responsibility program of Ecodesarrollos Peninsula Papagayo, the company which developed the Papagayo Peninsula, an enclave of exclusive homes and hotels, including the Four Seasons Resort. Today it operates independently, with a great deal of support from the residents and visitors of Papagayo.

In addition to supporting 18 public elementary and high schools with materials, books, transportation and improvements in infrastructure, Creciendo Juntos also operates the Children’s Clinic in Comunidad de Carrillo. The clinic provides preventive care for over 3,000 children a year through an innovative partnership between Creciendo Juntos, private funders and the Costa Rican Social Security Agency (the Caja Costarricense de Seguro Social), which operates the country’s public clinics and hospitals.

The Guanacaste Community Fund has worked with Creciendo Juntos to provide funding for the Children’s Clinic, and has also supported Se Quema el Cielo, a program to raise awareness of the dangers and prevention of wildfires, a serious problem in Guanacaste during the dry season.  In 2015 it is working with Creciendo Juntos to implement the Solar Schools Project, which will place solar panels on public schools and teach children about energy conservation and climate change.


Contact Information

Elsa Bonilla, Director