Opportunities for Kids

CEPIA, an acronym that stands for Culture, Education and Psychology for Children and Adolescents, is a nonprofit organization that promotes education, health and opportunity for children and their families in Guanacaste. It works extensively with volunteers and with the support of local businesses to provide learning activities, training, psychological and legal counseling and other opportunities to disadvantaged children and families.

CEPIA recently inaugurated a community center in Huacas, Santa Cruz, which provides a wide range of services and activities in one place, and as part of a completely integrated program of support the population it serves.

The Guanacaste Community Fund and the  CRUSA Donor Advised Fund has assisted CEPIA with the organization and expansion of a library, the equipping of a computer laboratory and with operating support for Casa Brasilito, a project that it operates together with Abriendo Mentes, another GCF grantee, and the La Paz Community School.  Most recently the GCF and the CRUSA Donor Advised Fund supported the installation of an elevator in the community center.


Contact Information

Laetitia Deweer, Director