Asociacion CREAR

Youth After School Programs

The CREAR Association, founded in 2005, is a non-profit organization in the beach communities in and around Playa Sámara.  CREAR offers a wide variety of services to the local members of the community, primarily children, all completely free of charge. CREAR seeks to provide a venue where children and young people can develop their artistic talents through creative art-education initiatives, while simultaneously learning life-long skills that will offer them a wider and more fulfilling range of employment opportunities in the future.  Currently, CREAR offers an after-school program, a day camp during summer and winter vacations, in-school assemblies and community presentations, a teen club, an English program for elementary school children and a public library-the only one in Samara.

The Guanacaste  Community Fund is supporting the initiation of “Las Divinas”, a girl’s empowerment course with local high school students. The after-school program will focus on education regarding self-love, internet safety, exercise/nutrition, and encouragement to finish high school and to pursue a fulfilling career.


Contact Information

Andrea Keith, Program Director