ASADAS and Liga Comunal del Agua

Water for Guanacaste

ASADAS, which are community organizations responsible for building and operating potable water systems in rural areas, are in great need of assistance. Throughout Guanacaste, several unusually dry years in succession have led to springs disappearing and wells running dry, while population growth in many areas has increased demand.

ASADAS are voluntary organizations that provide a vital public service but because of tight public budgets receive minimal assistance from the government. Among other needs, they require help in improving their capacity to administer resources, designing expansions of water systems, drilling wells, and increasing storage capacity.

The GCF is working with ASADAS in the watershed of the Rio Nosara to provide help with planning, design, training, technical support and investment in infrastructure. In this, the GCF is receiving assistance from the Harmony Donor Advised Fund, the CRUSA Foundation, the Environmental and Natural Resources Law Center (CEDARENA) and the Boston Chapter of Engineers Without Borders.

In November of 2016, the GCF helped lead an effort to create the Liga Comunal del Agua, a federation and support organization for the ASADAS of the cantons of Nicoya, Nandanyure and Hojancha.

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